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About Dr Ford

Dr Ford has been in practice since 1980 and served for 6 years as Director of Studies of the Homeopathic Medical College in Johannesburg, South Africa. He was a guest lecturer at the University of Johannesburg’s Department of Homeopathy and served on the Homeopathic Board of the Allied Health Professions Council.

He was appointed by the new ANC-government to conduct and organise the upgrading of Homeopathic doctors to a level for their full registration with the Council.

Dr Ford is certified to practice Chelation Therapy, Darkfield microscopy, Cell Therapy, Ozone Therapy, and Thermographic imaging, which he attained in the USA, Switzerland and Germany respectively.

On a personal note
In 1986 Dr Ford married Mary-Jane after curing her young daughter who was suffering from chronic asthma at the time. Prior to this, the child was given a bad prognosis regarding her condition and a pulmonologist said she would have to be on chronic medication for the rest of her life.

Mary-Jane was determined to find alternative help for her daughter and approached a German Company, which at the time, had just developed the Allergostop treatment, an allergy desensitising process indicated for the successful treatment of asthma and related allergy problems (Chronic sinus, Hay fever, urticaria, eczema).

Soon after, Dr Ford visited Germany to be trained in the manufacturing and administration of this desensitising serum, consequently making the treatment of allergies with the Allergostop serum his main speciality and passion. To date, Dr Ford and his team have treated some 25 000 patients with an incredible success rate. Allergostop is still the only successful treatment for allergies.

 Mary-Jane is now the Practice manager, and under her love, care and supervision the Practice and its staff have gone from strength to strength.

About the Practice

Dr Ford specialises in the treatment of allergies and alternative medicine. His passion for alternative therapies has also lead him to practice:

Allergostop - Treating the cause, not just the symptoms
Breast Thermography – the earliest detection of breast cancer
Chelation Therapy – the removal of toxic heavy metals
Metabolic Balance – the 100% natural nutritional eating programme
BioAcoustic Therapy – healing through sound therapy.


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